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Your Complete Guide to Refurbished

Refurbished gadgets are creating an unprecedented buzz in the Indian electronics marketplace. Knowing our affinity towards discounts and sales, choosing a mobile phone or tablet that has undergone refurbishment is undoubtedly a smart buying decision. If you are still in a fix about what these gadgets mean for you or where you can buy them, here is an all-inclusive guide to buying refurbished products. Have a look!

What are Refurbished Gadgets?

Many a times, certain products encounter minor glitches during their initial run. These products are reworked upon by trained technicians in order to achieve peak levels of performance. They are then sold as refurbished products to customers. Since they don’t bear the tag of “brand new”, they are offered at huge discounts to increase their competitiveness. Authorized retailers selling such gadgets ensure that they are checked and certified for quality benchmarks and are accompanied by a warranty.

Buying Refurbished Products Means Huge Savings

The first and the biggest consideration for buying a reworked smartphone is its price tag. A Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for just Rs. 35,199 or HTC One M8 for only Rs. 26,599. Sounds tempting, right? This is why gadgets belonging to this particular category are a great option. It lets you buy your favorite gadgets at incredible prices without you, having to compromise on its quality or performance.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when you buy gadgets that have undergone refurbishment:

  • Do your research. Sift the internet for your chosen product. Know how much its brand new counterpart costs and go for the refurnished version only if it looks like a steal deal.
  • A number of online retailers sell such products. Make sure to go through customer testimonials to know about their experience with the seller.
  • Once you receive the product, check if it is in working condition and is accompanied by all accessories or not.

A Look at the Latest Gadgets for Sports

Sports gadgets really come in handy for those who enjoy the great outdoors. You can do anything from keeping track of baseball scores to counting the calories you burn with these gadgets. Those with a love for gadgets are often stereotyped for not being very athletic, but you can prove them wrong! There are so many great devices to choose from, no matter which sport you love.

Here are some examples of the latest gadgets available for athletes and sports lovers:

Stationary VisCycle Bicycle

If you want to exercise indoors, then this new gadget is a must-have. It simulates the feeling you would get if you were on an actual road riding a bike. It’s also energy efficient since it utilizes kinetic energy and converts it into electricity. The electricity goes right back into your power grid so that you can use it later!

The seat is very comfortable and the handle bars are adjustable. It’s easy to fix everything up so that the stationary bike is compatible with your size.

Optic 1050 Binoculars

Imagine being able to see up to 35 miles away! You can with these special optic binoculars. Whether you want to go hunting, mountain climbing, or outdoor exploring, these lightweight binoculars are worth having. They can magnify 1000 times. They are easy to adjust because they’re made out of shock-resistant rubber. There are soft eye cups that can be adjusted to suit your eyes.

Laser Guided Pool Cue

Get some pool practice in with this neat cue. It’s touch activated. As soon as you touch it, the laser is triggered and helps guide the shot. It’s visible across the table so you can line it up with accuracy. You can save battery power by turning the touch sensor off. This handy gadget runs on three 1.5 volt batteries. Order from the right company and you’ll get some of the batteries for free!

Visible Golf Ball Finder

Put these glasses on and you’ll be able to find your ball without any problems! They are designed to block out certain colors so that the light reflected off of the white golf balls is more pronounced and easier to see. The glasses come in two styles: Fit-Over and Wraparound. If you already wear glasses, then all you have to do is put the Fit-Over lenses over them.

Remote Golf Caddy

This latest gadget for golfers will give you a chance to exercise! You can walk around the course without having to carry your bags. Just put the equipment on the remote caddy, clip the small transmitter to your belt, and you’re good to go. The caddy will remain five feet behind you at all times. It requires two 12 volt batteries, and can go over tough hills very easily.

If you want to get yourself a sport gadget, you can see that you have a variety of choices! There are gadgets available for every sport imaginable.

Top 5 Car Audio Gadgets

As car audio entertainment gets more technologically advanced and consumers want more in-car entertainment, we’re seeing an increase on the market for car audio. Here’s a lowdown on the top car audio gadgets that are currently available for your car.

Car Mp3 Player 
This gadget is probably the most in demand. It allows you to hook your Mp3 player or iPod via a cable and play the music through your car stereo. It’s a handy device that means you don’t have to carry around your CD collection anymore. Most modern car Mp3 players also allow you to attach the latest smart phones, such as the I-phone. This multi-compatibility lets gadget lovers who are always interchanging their gadgets hook up their latest iPhones and iPods, as well as those who stick by their older iPhones and Mp3 players.

Car DVD Player
Making you car into a mini-cinema is not unusual these days. Car owners often use car DVD players on long journeys to give themselves a break or to occupy the passengers. There are variety of car DVD player styles, including all in one in-dash DVD player (small screen and DVD player in the dashboard) or a separate screen and DVD player which are placed behind the front seats. Each option is for a particular requirement – in-dash is for when front passenger and driver need a rest, whilst the separate kit is to entertain the back passengers. The advantage of in-dash is that it is an all in one system, which can play CD’s too. Some newer models even use Bluetooth and connect to Mp3 players.

Car Bluetooth Player
For the person who always needs to connect, the car Bluetooth player has become a savior. No more distracting handsfree means drivers can talk and drive safely. A car Bluetooth player simply works by pairing your stereo and phone together, allowing your phone to exchange information with your stereo. Note that not all phones can be used with a car Bluetooth player, so make sure your phone is compatible beforehand.

Sat-Nav and GPS
These nifty gadgets let you find where you are and guide you along your journey, without having just to rely on a map. If unknown journeys are a regular for you, sat-navs and GPS will guide you there much quicker than any map alone. Simply 10-20 minutes before you start your car, plan your route and wait for it to organize your route. Bring a map as well though and use in conjunction with the gadget in case it does guide you along the wrong path. Using both should speed up your journey and make it far easier.

DC Universe Online Guide


Welcome to DC Universe Online Guide. This is my first version of a quick introduction DC Universe guide. Note that this dcuo guide just contains basic information. To get more detailed version of the guide, please visit my blog. You can find the link at bottom of this basic introduction DC Universe guide.


This first basic version of DC Universe online guide only contains six main power set descriptions and names of other powers you find in that power tree. I have just listed the six basic ones – Fire, Ice, Gadgets, Nature, Sorcery and Mental. Another version of my DC Universe guide contains more detailed information about weapons and combo tips and tricks that teach you how to effectively use these powers.


Fire power allows you command flame to direct gusts of heat for dealing damage and protecting your allies. In damage role it increases all your damage by 35% where as in Tank role its penalized by 20%. Further down the tree, you get to unlock Fire Power skills such as Immolation and Ignition each of which unlocks another 10 powers included in their respective trees.


The Gadget power allows you to control the battle with mechanical tools and weapons. In damage mode, all your damage output is increased by 35% while in controller role you and your team can recover 110 power over 5 seconds while attacking enemies. You have a really good advantage over Nature and Sorcery power users. You could severely reduce their healing abilities.

More powers from Gadget tree are setting up traps in the battlefield, taser pull to stun and drag enemy towards you, stealth, Fear gas, grenades, sleep dart, etc.

3. ICE

The Ice power allows you to control the ice by shaping it into mighty weapons or protecting your allies with frigid winds. In damage role all your damage output is increased by 35%. In tank role, all damage you deal is penalized by 20%. Normal storm powers increase your defense by 200%. In PvP mode you have a very good advantage versus Gadgets and Mental power users. Ice power users are immune to their effects that debuff as well as highly resistant to their controlling abilities.

More powers from the Ice tree include Storms, Artic Gust, Bitter Winds, Wintry Tempest, Glacier Flash, Blizzard, Avalanche, Resonating Gale, Freezing Wave, etc.


The Metal power set allows you to control or attack your opponent by psychic powers. As usual in damage role your damage output is increased by 35%. In controller role attacking in group will help you and your group recover 110 power over 5 seconds. In Player vs player mode, Mental power users have a good advantage over Nature and Sorcery players. Attacking them will greatly reduce their healing abilities and also has a chance to increase your attack damage by 35%.

More powers from Mental power tree include Telekinetic Push, Bolt Barrage, Psychic Resonance, Telekinetic Bolt, Thought Bubble, Cryokinesis, Mass Levitation, Pyrokinesis, Bastion, Telekinetic Shield, Telekinetic Strike, etc.


Nature powerset allows you to unleash nature’s elemental forces to change your form, cure or heal allies. In Damage role all your damage is increased by 35% where as in healing role all your damage is penalized by 35%. Your health restoration and damage prevention effects are increased by 100%. In PvP mode, you have signification advantage over Ice and Fire power users. Your powers completely ignore their high impenetrable defenses rendering them weak and vulnerable to attacks.

More powers from Nature tree include Vine Lash, Thorn Shield, Briar, Harvest, Swarm, Bloom, etc.


Sorcery powers are reviving allies and summoning pets to do all your bidding. In damage role all your damage output is increased by 35%. In healing role it is penalized by 35%, however, all your restoration and defensive effects are increased by 100%. In PVP mode, you have a significant advantage over Ice and Fire Power users. Your powers can break their tough defenses leaving them vulnerable and weak.

iPod Repair Guide That You Can Effectively

Technology has advanced and almost every person is updated with the latest gadgets and equipments today. Everyone would go for something handy and at the same time useful. One of the many gadgets of today wherein almost everyone is bringing one is the iPod. It is a small device that you can conveniently carry anywhere. It has a lot of features, that is why it is most loved by all types of people. It can store pictures, videos and even your favorite songs. You can even entertain yourself with the different games.

However since it is only a gadget, it is also prone to damage. You can fix iPod error by yourself if you have knowledge about how to do it. But if you know nothing about it, you might want to let it be fixed by some experts. If you will risk fixing it by yourself without any knowledge, you might damage it even more and it is just like throwing money to the garbage. You would definitely do not want this to happen. However, you can do the simple repairs by finding out about how to do it on some good sources.

If you submit your gadget to a service center, you must make sure that you have tried on researching about how to repair iPod on your own. You must have tried everything before you decide to let it be checked by others. You have to do this because it will definitely cost you a certain amount of money. There are a good number of repair centers that would charge diagnosing the problem for free however there may be others which needs a partial payment before they will be able to start looking at your gadget and solve the problem.

You can learn how to fix your own gadget by following an iPod repair guide. You can look and search on the internet websites that will provide you with the necessary information when it comes to this skill. You can follow a video guide, audio and some readable materials so that you can fix your own problem on your personal technology without paying others to do it for you. You must learn the different terms and of course setup of this kind of technology. Repairing requires skill and if you are not confident enough then do not risk it at all.

You can even send your own gadget to trusted companies who really know how to fix iPod error. No matter what the problems is whether it is on the hardware or software, if you cannot repair it on your own, you can just let others do it for you. Make sure that the service center has a good review and of course you can afford the price. If it is too much for you then why not purchase a brand new iPod so that you will not spend or waste your money on it.